90 Records LTD, UK

What is 90 Records Ltd?

90 Records Ltd is a small independent record label founded in Bogota, Colombia in 2005, then it established in London in 2012 and since then operates from those two cities. 90 Records Ltd focuses its line of production on a specific genre, being the Hip Hop and all its sub-genres the speciality. As well it has specialized on beat production, mixing and mastering; services that are available online via our web site.

High standards in production defines high quality stuff from generic one, that’s one of the reasons 90 Records Ltd strives to get high standards on recording and music production to achieve a contemporary acoustic-tuneful-sound with a high quality ending. Taking advantage on the technological advances and the globalization of audiovisual content thru internet, it combines the best of the digital and analogue production methods, having as a result a unique digital sound impregnated of a humanised feeling. To see in depth our full range of services click HERE.

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