Online Mastering

Mastering with 90 Records Ltd

Mastering online with 90 Records Ltd is an affordable unique service designed to Indie artists with a tight budget looking to sound big. It is a service with a competitive price that would never compromises quality. As important is for you the quality audio of your songs, so it´s for us. It is our image and credibility in the online mastering industry, and believe us… Our image and credibility is the most important thing for us!

What to expect from 90 Records Mastering Online?

Your digital files (WAV or DDPi) ready to download in a gap of time of 5 working days.

The chance for you to suggest changes on the final mastering up to three times, in case the first mastering haven´t meet your expectations.

Just in case you required CD masters (DDPi or PMCD) or Vinyl masters (7”, 12” or LP) you will receive an audio reference to download for you to listen and approve it before we produce the physical formats and sending them to you along with the CD Master.

Overall you will receive the best digital and analogue quality in your tracks as our expertise and professionalism.

What audio files you should send for mastering online?

*Stereo files, WAV or AIFF, with at least 16bits (max 24bits) at a sample rate of at least 44.1kHz, with no compression. Eg: 16bits 44.1kHz or 24bits 96kHz.

*Send your tracks without limiter or mastering plug-ins, please! Each track can be 10min long (max),

How long does it take the service to be ready?

The mastering service can take up to five working days to be delivered depending on every case.

Price per song: $60 dollars.

How does it works?

You are 5 steps away from remarkable mastering!

1. Click on Buy Mastering
2. Make securely your online payment
3. Upload your music
4. We’ll email / call to discuss your requirements
5. We Master and return your music in the format of your choice.

That simple!

If you have any enquire regarding this service, do not hesitate to contact us – click HERE

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