Anger and frustration turned into determination and inspiration. The Hip Hop movement was an outlet for pure creative expression. The first time I saw popping, B-Boying, and graffiti, they were magical to me. I know I had to be part of it  Justin Bua

What we are?

A group and family of good, creative minds working towards the same goals and ideals. We aim to address like-minded people, who are awake and aware, regardless of race, religion or financial background. People within S90F share the values and lifestyle of S90F founders who all have a background in music, fashion, journalism, photography, graphic arts and overall the close contact with the urban life and the street culture, which are the heritage and inspiration for the creation of S90F´s structure.

The people that made up S90F are the people enjoying and representing a change. Those great creatives; musicians, artists and more who are all part of Street Ninety Family. Their representation of S90F adds new and other dimensions: the things they do in their field of work and interest in the different genres of culture, sports, music and creativity. It all comes together and contributes to make S90F the collective of new intellectuals, creatives and supporters of street culture. S90f is not only about musica and street culture, it’s about good people coming together and doing great things. It connects cultures by the urban life and the power that music has. S90F Deep-rooted People.

A cool story

All was born as Street Ninety Family (S90F) at the northwest of Bogota, capital of Colombia, in the late of 1997 when albums such as I Got Next by KRS-One, Life After Death by Notorious B.I.G, Back in Business by EPMD and Wu-Tang Forever by Wu-Tang Clan were banging the stereos. It was the time where the contact with music was made through specialized record stores because in countries such as Colombia the Rap didn´t have a place on the radio at that time and if one counts that New York and Bogota are pretty far from each other and that the internet era was just taking off, it was pretty amazing how the Hip Hop culture landed to stay forever in our lives.

The Idea of using art and its musical side overall, came from ghettos of big cities in USA such as L.A and NYC, which were examples of how poor people found the gateway to misery and sadness caused by living in hostile environments where opportunities are scarce and chances to die high. From this perspective S90F began, a collective of creatives visionaries focused on changing the grey panorama of the ghetto for a colourful scenario where art is used as tool to create better circumstances. Since then to be an alternative to scape from violence using the music as a catalyst.

Initially S90F was a Hip Hop crew, then its founder and CEO Ivan Martinez along with his brother Diego Martinez (Engineer at 90 Records Ltd.) decide to turn what was a teenage rap crew into a Creative Group which mission is to promote new artists by using journalism, quality music production, new technologies and the internet. It also want to be a link to exchange culture between South America, Europe and viceversa. Back then when S90F was just a teenage rap crew, the life in La serena (neighbourhood at the northwest of Bogota where S90F was born) was kinda though and most of its members at that time were gang members. All that though life and street experiences, help to create something totally different, as the art and rap music was used to scape from violence and the best way to express oneself without harming nobody. The music was a pick-me-up kind of thing, it was an stimulant and the energy to keep going looking for better life. The ideals of S90F slowly became viral among other rap crews to the point that every weekend crews from La Serena and other neighbourhoods used to gather in a public park where there was freestyle sessions, break dance performances and acoustic music.

As the community grew stronger and quicker than the founders thought, it was important to find a place where to record all the music captured merely in memories of those long nights at the park under the moonlight. The solution was obvious; the creation of a studio recording was fundamental and it would serve also as the way to drag gang members to the threshold of life. So there is where Diego Martinez and Ivan Martinez play a key role for the future of S90F.

The Studio: 90 Records Ltd, UK

To have a studio recording implies more than good willing and all sort of things, it implies what is known in the real world as money. A fact that discourage sometimes but isn’t a fence when a wish get mixed with obsession. There is when almost everything turns into reality. A strong wish, great passion and a pinch of obsession drove Ivan Martinez to an amazing journey. The discovering of a new world and the perception from a different angle plus the equipments required to start a home studio came along with Ivan after spent some time in the United States. That fruitful trip was the eye-opener, although the Martinez´s brothers already had clear their vission.

The union of great minds

Before to start any sort of project, at any level, it´s very important to visualize; meaning to say, where one aims to reach at and what one have around to achieve it. One of the reasons that pushed Ivan Martinez to delve into music and audio matters was the talent of his brother Diego (Kokken Beat) and his affinity with music. So with the combination of a vision, creative thinking and the flair to quick understanding of beat making and audio engineering matters, 90 Records Ltd begin to fly stablishing in London. At the present time  S90F and the studio recording itself has crossed frontiers reaching cities such as London and Genova.


90 Records´ sound has nourished itself by artists from different scenarios as La fania All Stars, Muddy Waters, Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben blades, Howlin´Wolf, Little Walter, Etta James, Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Nat King Cole, it has also contemporary sounds like Gotan Project, Massive Attack, Groove Armada, Portishead, Jamiroquai, Buddah Bar Music, Goldfrapp and overall all urban music from the 80´s and 90´s, just to name a few.