Mind Cage Crew

Name: Mind Cage Crew

Origin: Genova, Italy

Genres: Hip Hop/Alternative Hip Hop/Dub


Mind Cage Crew is a rap crew made up of five emcees that from the mystique city of Genoa, capital of Liguria´s region, in Italy, bring up a totally authentic idea within the Italian Rap scene. Knowledge is the key to set you free. Mind Cage Crew came to live with the intention of making meaningful music, being aware of the power and influence music has.

The origins of the crew point out directly to Francesco Rocca aka Stone MC, who begins in the Genovese Rap in 2009 tadalafil e diabete when he decides to create 89 BPM studios. Since then he starts rolling and meeting people alike on the Genovese Hip Hop scene along with one of his friends and crew member Cheff MC, they start working together until their debut in January 2010 at an event called “Rap Per Cornigliano.” Thereupon they get to work on different projects with local artists until the genesis of Mind Cage. But before that happened, three more emcees were added: Scatch MC, Risen MC & Walla MC, artists with female viagra online a previous experience on the Rap scene. Thus SCATCH MC, STONE MC, CHEF MC, WALLA MC &

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RISEN MC got together bringing to live this unique crew. Artists with different perspective and styles that converge into one precise point. Each of them enjoy making rap music, particularly doing freestyle, it was by going to freestyle events where some of the crew members met as was the case of Matteo Montalti aka Walla MC, who got involved because of the freestyle, as part of his career has developed thanks to freestyle contests such as the one MTV organizes sporadically, for instance.