Name: Walla

Origins: Italy

Music genre: Hip Hop/Alternative Hip Hop



Matteo Montalti better known on the Genovese rap scene as Walla, is a rapper from the new school of Italian Hip Hop. A skilful lyricist with catchy hooks in his songs and a deep voice. His music journey began in the small town of Levanto in Liguria´s region at the northwest of Italy, where he´s originally from.

The introduction to the music of the streets was given by a friend whom where to study pharmacy in canada Walla refers as responsible for having him hooked to Hip Hop music. It was with the same friend that Walla made up his first crew called “Green Fish (Sballo, 8, Piro, MC Arthur & DJ Taor)” with which they start digging in the urban world.

In 2009 he decides to move to Genova and there is when he met first time S90F. Only until 2012 when things actually get in place, that year along pharmacy aide in canada with other emcees he had met in Genova, they created Mind Cage Crew.
He had worked on solo projects such as his first mixtape “Walla Mixtape Vol.1″ and with other local artist. In 2014 he released an EP called “Versus”, which it´s the way S90F announced him as one of its official artist in Italy.

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